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Civil Workshop

The Civil Engineering Lab at our university covers a wide range of cement, rock, soil, marble, tiles, asphalt and other construction materials. The lab is equipped with the latest engineering instruments which are extensively used by students to design, analyse and simulate physical and environmental systems. The laboratory is in Block- C on the ground floor.


Lab Activities Includes:

  • Fresh concrete, soil, aggregate, rock, cement, water & asphalt sampling
  • Testing of concrete repair
  • Concrete durability tests, water absorption, Water penetration under pressure, initial surface absorption, rapid chloride permeability, chloride Migration coefficient
  • Particle size distribution by wet/dry sieve analysis
  • Chloride & sulphate content in the soil, aggregate, concrete & water.
  • Particle size distribution by hydrometer analysis
  • Cover meter survey
  • Cement testing physical & chemical testing
  • Aggregate resistance to abrasion & impact
  • Concrete & asphalt mix design & laboratory trial mix
  • Relative density & water absorption of aggregate & rock samples.
  • Asphalt testing, core density & asphalt field compaction, marshal density, stability & flow, maximum theoretical density, voids in marshal & field sample, voids filled with asphalt.
  • Lightweight pieces, shell content, clay lumps & friable particles in the aggregate sample
  • Soil - shrinkage limit, plastic limit, liquid limit and plasticity index
  • Loss of ignition
  • Soil shear strength parameters by using a direct shear test
  • Rock grading and weight classification, breakage Index, L/D ratio
  • Water permeability of granular soil & clays /silt
  • Rock resistance to weathering
  • Fresh concrete testing
  • Point load index
  • Bulk Density of Light Weight Aggregate
  • Water absorption of concrete blocks, channels & flags
  • Compressive strength of concrete cubes, cylindrical specimens, precast blocks & tiles.
  • Unconfined compressive strength of rock & soil
  • Obtaining & testing of drilled concrete core
  • Free swell of soil