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Dean's Lister


Dean's List is a List of Honour, which will comprise of only final year students who have shown academic excellence and discipline, during their course of study in the University, till pre-final year. The Dean's List award is not a scholarship as it does not come with any financial aid. This Award is a recognition which will elevate students to higher echelons of success. The awardees (student) will receive a personalized letter of appreciation from the University officer’s viz. Dean Academics/Vice-Chancellor to honour and recognize their excellent performance along with a Badge of Dean's list with Name, Year and Course of Student,

The Assam Royal Global University (RGU) proposes to institute this Award school wise. irrespective of the course of study, for pre-final year students, except for the programmers where the internship /training is for more than 3 months. In such cases the previous year to the pre final year will be considered for award of Dean's List. Separate Dean's List shall be made for UG & PG levels. The selection of students for this list will be done after the end of every academic year. For pre final year students, based on results of all the previous semesters, attendance etc.

A maximum of 05 students will be nominated per school, 2/3 from Undergraduate and 2/3 from Postgraduate, where the total strength of school in final year is 100 students or more. Accordingly, the number of students will be proportionately reduced on the basis of total strength of each school.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum eligibility criteria to qualify for the Dean's list are as follows:-

1. Cumulative ninety percent (90%) attendance in both theory and practical classes for last two semesters, along with minimum attendance of eighty-five (85%) percent in all the previous semesters, considered for award.

2. High Grades in academic performance.

(a) Minimum 9 CGPA in semester-end university examinations in last two semesters. along with an overall 8.5 CGPA throughout all the previous semesters.

(b) Minimum 80% marks in the internal assessment throughout all the previous semesters

(c) Other considerations for selections are –

  • A. Consistently good and exemplary behavior
  • B. An Important criterion to be considered for the selection to the Dean's List will be proficiency in extra-curricular activities. A student's contribution in enhancing the visibility of the University by competing in extracurricular activities within University/ Inter University/State level/National level will be corgi,
  • C. Good conduct of students in all activities of the University will be considered in the selection to the Dean's List, but any involvement in indiscipline will result in disqualification/withdrawal of the honour.

Process of nomination - the students (promoted to final year) shall be identified and nominated by HoD/Hol/coordinator based on the eligibility criteria, as mentioned above. The nominations. along with the details as stated above viz. attendance. grades, extracurricular activities etc., must reach Registrar office/academic section/any other office as assigned by Dean Academic/Vice-Chancellor, latest by 30th September, every year.

Process of Selection

The final Dean's List shall be published and declared by Registrar office/academic section/any other office as assigned by Dean Academic/Vice-Chancellor, after a personal interview of all the nominated students by a panel constituted for this purpose, to be presided by Dean Academics/Vice-Chancellor. . The list shall be declared every year, latest by 15th October.

Dean's List Policy