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Easily Accessible Facilities

Every building on the campus has easily accessible facilities. Each floor has clean washrooms and clean drinking water facilities. The in-campus bank and ATM services not only offer the convenience that busy students and employees expect in campus banking services but also security measures to give customers peace of mind. With shuttle services, students can easily move from one part of the campus to another.

We Keep the Fun Going Longer

We host a variety of live and virtual events around campus throughout the year- concerts, movie viewing, competitions, fest, exhibitions, reunions and much more. We keep the good times rolling.

Build Relationships

There are several spots where students can hang out and lead a fulfilling social life. The university features diverse dining options ranging from traditional eateries to modern coffee shops. Students can head to the Royal Garden which is the best spot to watch the sunrise in the morning. Besides these, students can visit the Cube for a friendly match.

Attractive Campus

Surroundings play a vital role in our emotional well-being. With lush green surroundings capped with pollution-free air, RGU stands tall amongst its contemporaries. There are plants in every few steps and wall art in different corners of the campus that brightens up learning environments and creates a more engaging and interesting space for students to thrive. Apart from this there are several pretty fountains around the campus which serve as a backdrop for photo worthy memories.

Unique Hostel Experience

Hostel rooms at RGU are smart, exquisite and classy. The hostel complex is huge and is surrounded by greenery. All hostel rooms have air conditioners, dining hall, high- speed internet facility and study area. Apart from this, indoor games like pool table, caroms, chess, table tennis etc makes the hostel experience fun and unique.

13 More Ways to Find Joy

Joining a club opens up many opportunities to meet other students and allows a balance between academic life and extra-curricular activities. It is a good way of meeting like-minded people from different disciplines. During the first week of the first term, there will be plenty of structured events to make friends in RGU. Student clubs provide each student with the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies. There are 13 clubs in the university- Sigma Voice, Cultural Club, Sports Club, Royal Commerce Club, Bulls and Bears, Ethnos, Maccokots, Robotics Club, Media Club, Zoology Club, Theater Club, Botanical Club, and Rotaract Club. RGU has a club to match almost every interest.