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Third Convocation

The third convocation of The Assam Royal Global University was held on 30th October, 2023 where 1197 graduates have been conferred their Degrees from the following batches:

Postgraduate - Class of 2023 (2021-23)

Undergraduate - Class of 2023 (2020-23)



Third Convocation held at The Assam Royal Global University

The third convocation of The Assam Royal Global University was held on 30th October, 2023 which was attended by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, the Vice President of India as the Chief Guest. The convocation was declared open by Sri A.K. Pansari, the Chancellor of the University with the consent of Sri Gulab Chand Kataria, the Governor of Assam, presided over as the Visitor of the University. Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam was the Guest of Honour in the convocation ceremony. Delivering the Convocation Address, The Vice President, Sri Dhankhar, in his address said that he was pleasantly surprised to see the campus of the University and its culture. Adding further that having visited many Universities in the country, he has the conviction that this new University is soon going to set new standards in the realm of education in the country. Congratulating the young graduates, the Vice President said that today is a great day for them. The VP made a special word of appreciation on the remarkable achievements of the female students at Royal Global University. He appealed to the students to always remain grateful to their alma mater and continue to contribute towards the University's further growth and development. The VP added that investment in education should be taken as a service of the society. Referring to the new national education policy- NEP-2020, Shri Dhankhar said that this is a very comprehensive and meaningful policy. Shri Dhankhar appealed to the facultymembersand all concerned to leave no stone unturned for its implementation in order to establish the credibility of our education before the world. The VP also called upon the students to become entrepreneurial and avail the various Government schemes to start their Enterprises.The Vice President paid rich tributes to the success of the Indian scientists in the Chandrayaan -3 and said that Indians have great potential to lead the world.

Altogether 1197 students received their degrees and diplomas along with the 42 Gold Medallists, 45 Silver Medallists, and 4 awardees of the Salvers for exemplary achievements in the convocation. Two students, Ms. Rudrani Garg from amongst the undergraduate students and Ms. Disha Choudhury from the Post Graduate students have been awarded this year’s Chancellor’s Gold Medals for their meritorious academic performance and outstanding co-curricular performances.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of the University presented a concise report of the University where he highlighted the development of the University during the last year.

Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam in his address congratulating the graduates and the award winners said that the convocation day marks the pinnacle of your journey. Expressed his gratitude to the Vice President for his constant encouragement for youth empowerment. The CM reiterated the importance of the rich knowledge heritage of our great country. Further, Dr. Sarma said that the success and glory of a nation centres around a strong knowledge society." Our success in life has to be blended with spirituality and always have our thoughts for the poor and the downtrodden," he added.

The largely attended convocation of the University was also graced by Dr.Ranoj Pegu, the Education Minister of the state, Power Minister Nandita Garlosa and Chief Secretery Pabon Borthakur.

Shri Gulab Chand Kataria in his address, congratulated the students and expressed his profound acknowledgment of the contribution of the teachers for tge achievements of the students today. As the Visitor of the University, the Governor expressed his great happiness at the contribution of the Royal Global University and especially praised Dr. A.K. Pansari, the Chancellor of the University in creating good human resources who are going to contribute towards the development and progress within a very short period of time.Shri Kataria said that he has great confidence in the present generation about their capability to restore the position of India as the Viswa GURU.

Dr. A. K. Pansari, the Chancellor of the University congratulated the new graduates and said that from today their actual journey in life begins. While expressing his profound gratitude to the Vice President for his kind presence in the convocation, Dr.Pansari stated that the presence of the Vice President in this private University is a reiteration of the parity between the public and the private players in the realm of higher education and is a reassurance of the level playing field, which is in alignment with the NEP -2020.







Recipients of Gold Medals

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Gold
1Nilanjana ParasharB.A LLBUG2018Gold
2Muskan VarshneyB.ArchUG2018Gold
3Piyush KumarB.Tech CSEUG2019Gold
4Petrus Cheria Chetia BaraikBFAUG2019Gold
5Donita DeviB.PharmacyUG2019Gold
6Khusbu BeriwalD.Pharmacy2 YEAR2020Gold
7Mansica Devi LourembamB.Sc. MathsUG2020Gold
8Tanissha RoyB.A PsychologyUG2020Gold
9Subhashree DeyB.ComUG2020Gold
10Tanmayee KapinjalB.Com Finance & AccountsUG2020Gold
11Sunny SenB.Sc BiotechnologyUG2020Gold
12Jumi TalukdarB.Sc MicrobiologyUG2020Gold
13Disha AgarwalB.Sc ZoologyUG2020Gold
14Minara Pakiza UllahB.Sc ZoologyUG2020Gold
15Prachee KalitaB.A EnglishUG2020Gold
16Abdul Waqur Albir RahmanB.A HistoryUG2020Gold
17Sneha SinghaB.A J&MCUG2020Gold
18Rudrani GargB.A Political ScienceUG2020Gold
19Tanisha GangulyB.A SociologyUG2020Gold
20Aanchal GolchhaBBAUG2020Gold
21Peli. T. YepthoBSWUG2020Gold
22Priya ChakrabortyM.ComPG2021Gold
23Sureksha BharaliM.Sc BiotechnologyPG2021Gold
24Ankita MiliM.Sc BotanyPG2021Gold
25Ruckshana KhatunM.Sc ChemistryPG2021Gold
26Pratyakshi SarmaM.Sc MathematicsPG2021Gold
27Chayanika KalitaM.Sc MicrobiologyPG2021Gold
28Anish Uz ZamanM.Sc PhysicsPG2021Gold
29Priyanka DasM.Sc ZoologyPG2021Gold
30Nihar Pratim KashyapM.Tech Civil EngineeringPG2021Gold
31Sumit DebM.A GeographyPG2021Gold
32Krishti Abhilasa BhuyanM.A Clinical PsychologyPG2021Gold
33Jupitora TalukdarM.A EconomicsPG2021Gold
34Rahul ThokchomM.A EnglishPG2021Gold
35Lova NgathemM.A HistoryPG2021Gold
36Thampaleena LongjamM.A J&MCPG2021Gold
37Disha ChoudhuryM.A Political SciencePG2021Gold
38Ahellabash OinamM.A Public AdministrationPG2021Gold
39Priya AgarwalaMBAPG2021Gold
40Hazel SawnaniMCAPG2021Gold
41Neimezhunuo RutsaMSWPG2021Gold
42Susmita ChoudhuryLLMPG2022Gold

Recipients of Silver Medals

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Silver
1Kessie K. ChophyBA LLBUG2018Silver
2Devleena HazarikaB.ArchUG2018Silver
3ImnatemsuB.Tech CEUG2019Silver
4Anwayajyoti DeyB.Tech CSEUG2019Silver
5Akansha SinghaBFAUG2019Silver
6Jaya SahaB.PharmacyUG2019Silver
7Ankita RoyB.Sc NursingUG2019Silver
8Imran HossainD.Pharmacy2 YEAR2020Silver
9Hoinunnem DoungelB.A GeographyUG2020Silver
10Jennifer LeimapokpamB.A PsychologyUG2020Silver
11Deepanwita Endow PurkayasthaB.ComUG2020Silver
12Wanpynshngain B DiengdohB.Com Finance & AccountsUG2020Silver
13Jeba SaniaB.Sc BiotechnologyUG2020Silver
14Rafiya Yasmin SaikiaB.Sc MicrobiologyUG2020Silver
15Nabanya Priyam BezB.Sc ZoologyUG2020Silver
16Pratiksha NathB.Sc ZoologyUG2020Silver
17Meenakshi DasguptaB.A EnglishUG2020Silver
18Alice WellyB.A HistoryUG2020Silver
19Priyanka BhattacharyaB.A J&MCUG2020Silver
20Trishna DasB.A Political ScienceUG2020Silver
21Saiyantany ChoudhuryB.A SociologyUG2020Silver
22Neha BothraBBAUG2020Silver
23Hritik PathakBCAUG2020Silver
24Anannya DasBSWUGSilver
25Gun Dongkam Ch SangmaM.ComPG2021Silver
26Khyatismita ChoudhuryM.Sc BiotechnologyPG2021Silver
27Digbijoy SinghaM.Sc BotanyPG2021Silver
28Rimjhim DaukaM.Sc ChemistryPG2021Silver
29Himadree ChoudhuryM.Sc MathematicsPG2021Silver
30Akangkhya HazarikaM.Sc MicrobiologyPG2021Silver
31Risha DasM.Sc PhysicsPG2021Silver
32Arpana RabhaM.Sc ZoologyPG2021Silver
33Matsungzukla JamirM.Tech Civil EngineeringPG2021Silver
34Sonia SamjetsabamM.A GeographyPG2021Silver
35Dorje YangzomM.A Clinical PsychologyPG2021Silver
36Darshita DasM.A EconomicsPG2021Silver
37Esther LalchhanhimiM.A EnglishPG2021Silver
38Yohenba TekchamM.A HistoryPG2021Silver
39Dolly TakhellambamM.A J&MCPG2021Silver
40Chunglitong JamirM.A Political SciencePG2021Silver
41Tayenjam Purnajit SinghM.A Public AdministrationPG2021Silver
42Pooja AgarwalaMBAPG2021Silver
43Debraj AdityaMCAPG2021Silver
44Riya MishraMSWPG2021Silver
45Ankita TalukdarLLMPG2022Silver

Recipients of the Chancellor's Gold Medal

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch
1Rudrani GargB.A Political ScienceUG2020
2Disha ChoudhuryM.A Political SciencePG2020

Achievers in the Co-curricular category

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Award
1Nilanjana ParasharBA LLB (HONS)UG2018Gini Devi Pansari Award for Excellence in Literary Activities
2Bode SwuroBFAUG2019Sanwarmal Modi Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities
3Swati ChoudhuryB.SC ZOOLOGYUG2020 Suresh Kumar Prithani Award for Excellence in Mentoring
4Rudrani GargB.A Political ScienceUG2020Basudeo Pansari Award for Excellence in Community Service