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Why India ?

Advantages of Studying in India

Education in India

India has the second largest education system in the world with over 1000 universities and more than 40000 degree colleges. The various privately run and government run universities in India aim at providing quality education with the best possible infrastructure and some of them are also at par with universities in western countries. The Indian education system is evolving which gives students the space to grow and learn with a strong passion to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world which makes it a top destination for new businesses that are looking to hire foreign workers. Experts predict India will be the third largest economy in the world by 2030.

Low Cost of Living

Studying in India allows students to have the all-round experience of quality education they deserve, without having to drain their accounts. The low cost of living and education in India is a major bargain for students from Africa and other lesser developed countries of Southeast Asia to study in India. The average tuition fee for an Indian university is approximately USD 2,200-3,500 (however it may differ across different institutes) as compared to USD 39,000 in the United States, USD 11,000 in the United Kingdom, and USD 23,000 in Australia.

Culture & Language

Finally, India is synonymous with a land of diverse cultures and heritage. The country is composed of people from all around the world. This gives students endless chances to interact and create long lasting bonds. Considering all these benefits there is a huge flow of students from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and African countries for higher education in India.

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Both Indian and foreign students are required to pay their tuition fees. The tuition fees are fairly the same for both foreign and Indian students. However, the university provides up to 100% scholarship to a limited number of International Students.