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Electronics Lab

The Electronic Engineering Lab is a high-end hardware design and simulation platform. The lab technologies give hands on experience in the assembly and testing of electronic circuits, testing and understanding of the functions of various electronic components, handling and usage procedure of DC power supply, Digital Multimeter, Function Generator and CRO. The lab is in block- B in room No. B107 on the first floor.


Major Lab Instruments Includes:

  • Single-phase Transformer
  • Resistive and inductive load
  • Single-phase autotransformer
  • Wattmeter, ammeter, and voltmeter with various rating
  • Single-phase Induction motor
  • Function generator, CRO, DSO
  • DC and AC supply systems with various rating
  • RLC and logic gate kit
  • Analog and digital energy meter testing panel

Simulation Software Programs:

  • PSpice

Safety Measures To Follow In The Lab:

  • The test leads and rotary switch must be kept in the correct position for the desired measurement.
  • The meter should not be used if the meter or the test leads look damaged.
  • Resistance should be measured in a circuit only when power is not applied
  • The probes to a voltage source should always be avoided when a test lead is plugged into the 10 A or 300 mA input jack.
  • Never use the meter on circuits that exceed 4800 watts.
  • To avoid injury never apply more than the rated voltage between any input jack and earth ground.
  • One must be careful when working with voltages above 60 V DC or 30 V AC RMS. Such voltages pose a shock hazard.
  • Keep your fingers behind the finger guards on the test probes when making measurements.
  • Replace the battery as soon as the battery indicator appears to avoid false readings, which could lead to possible electric shock or personal injury.