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Mr. Pankaj Losan Sharma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. ( Tezpur University)

Mr. Pankaj Losan Sharma, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Tezpur University
M.Sc: Tezpur University
Assistant Professor: Department of Microbiology, Royal school of Bio-sciences (RSBSC)
Area of Expertise: plant-microbe interactions, harnessing bacterial endophytes as potential bio- control agent against bacterial phytopathogens, bacterial genomics
Currently working on: Development of Bio-control agent against bacterial wilt causing phytopathogen Ralstonia solanacearum
Competitive exams qualified: ICAR-NET (Agricultural Biotechnology), SLET-NE in Life Science (18th rank), GATE in Life-science
Paper published: 3 international,
Book chapters: 1
Conferences: International: 4,
National: 4
Oral presentations: 2
Poster presentations: 6
Invited talk in an international symposium on Plant-microbe Interaction at Tezpur University
contact: 8822384403