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Forensic Science

Step into the fascinating world of forensic science, where science meets justice! This lab isn't your typical chemistry or biology classroom. Here, the microscopes unveil hidden clues, fingerprints whisper stories, and DNA unravels mysteries
From analyzing blood spatter patterns to extracting evidence from a single hair, we use cutting-edge technology and meticulous techniques to reveal the truth behind crimes. We're the silent heroes, speaking for the voiceless and ensuring the scales of justice tip towards the right side.
The Department of Forensic Science provides its students with a broad knowledge of forensic science and equips them with the tools and drive to conduct original independent research in the discipline. The lab is in block- D, room no- D307 on the third floor.

Included In The Lab Are:

  • Fingerprint development kit
  • Crime scene management kit
  • Comparison microscope
  • Stereo-zoom microscope
  • Hot air oven
  • Deep Freezer
  • Colourimeter
  • Disarticulated and articulated human skeleton
  • Models and charts