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Hotel Management Lab

Our Hotel Management Lab meets international standards. Students learn about different services in a hotel, from baking bread and cooking food items, to managing a bar or a restaurant. Students who opt for Hotel Management are given extensive practice in all kinds of hotel-related services.

The Hotel Management students are provided with practical training according to the curriculum through exposure to various departments of a hotel and their operations like kitchen, front desk, bar, customer service, housekeeping, and more. The lab is in block- D on the ground floor.

Lab Activities Includes:

  • Students are trained on receiving information, billing and maintaining guest relations.
  • House keeping training
  • Operation and management of guest rooms
  • Laundry process and linen exchange process
  • Basic of food & beverages services.
  • Demonstrations on table-service, napkins folds, American service, silver service are also practiced.
  • Practical experience on the use of software programs used in hotel and airline industry so that students know about the working of reservation, front desk, guest services and other modules.
  • Soft skills training through role play and discussion.

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