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The Language Lab


The Assam Royal Global University inaugurated a new Language Laboratory, highlighting the significance of technology in facilitating communication skills and language training. There are 60 systems with mic and audio headsets and an interactive screen. A language learning software called Orell Talk has been installed in the systems.

Objectives of the Language Lab:-

-- The objective of the language laboratory is to develop and refine the language skills of our students.

-- The Language Lab aims to augment LSRW and GV skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar, Vocabulary) through tests, activities, exercises, etc., comprehensive web-based learning and assessment systems

-- The Language lab offers a variety of resources like audio-video materials, computer based exercises, and interactive activities that allow students to practice and improve their language skills.

-- The Language lab also offers interactive activities like group discussions and storytelling exercises that help students improve their speaking and listening skills.

-- With the help of internet access, a language lab offers accessibility to various language resources, making the whole learning and interacting process convenient.

-- With the availability of resources and practical learning, students can mark their progression according to their own abilities and potential.

-- The Laboratory classes provide students a first-hand experience with course concepts and the opportunity to explore methods researchers use in their fields.