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A Message from the Vice Chancellor

VC Communique

Dear Parents & Students,

At the very onset, I am prompted to use a quote by Nelson Mandela, which says, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Over the past two decades, India has seen a sea change in the higher education scenario with a move towards inter-disciplinary studies and interactive learning which has created multiple challenges for the educational establishments of the country, especially the universities. The rigor of the contemporary world requires professionals to keep alive their quests for knowledge. Education is a prerequisite to empower young minds that will help them to conceive good thoughts and ideas. Further, students, if properly nurtured according to the needs of the competitive world, can do wonders and in turn bring laurels to the nation.
Royal Global University (RGU), with its successful initiation as a University, is already the first choice for many aspirants of higher education. RGU, guided by its vision and mission, is already standing strong as a global contributor in the education scenario of the nation.
Having an earnest interest in the fields of Behavioural Science & Psychology, I believe education is not only about academics, but attitude and values are also very important. We need to assess all of this for the overall holistic development of a student and at RGU, I wish to see a student bunch that is cultured in all such aspects and hence, contribute towards the social and economic growth of North-East region in specific and the nation in general. At RGU, the curriculum is designed to stimulate higher physical, mental & intellectual growth of every student with regular classes in Communicative English & Behavioural Science. My personal approach towards formal education is learner-centric and as such we have adopted Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) which makes education broad-based and at par with global standards which are the needs of the hour.
To sum up, we, at RGU, have ensured to help our students to excel not only academically but to inculcate all such qualities so that they succeed and flourish in all aspects of life and contribute towards growth of the organization they join or become entrepreneurs of high caliber. We welcome all those who chose to be a part of our family. I am sure, you will feel proud to be associated with us and will make us equally proud with your academic excellence and future achievements.

Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Singh
Vice Chancellor
Royal Global University