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Mass Communication Studio

The Mass Communication studio is fully equipped with professional audio and video tools, shooting floor, online TV production set-up, Green room, lobby, edit suits, lab and professional training in the high end software used in the industry like Final Cut Pro (FCP), Avid media composer, Adobe Creative Cloud which includes adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, InDesign. Besides the students also get training in Maya, 3DxMax, 4C+ and Quark Xpress.

The studiohas its own professional lights and grips. The school has Panasonic HD and Panasonic 4K cameras besides latest still DSLR cameras. Besides there are other facilities like the teleprompter to train students for TV anchoring, latest tripods, professional lights like muti-20, multi-10, cool lights with 4 banks, 3 banks and 2 banks.The studio has professional LED lights with DMX controller, which could change thecolours or mix colours at a given time. There are spotlights and baby lights with all the accessories. Outdoor lights are also available to produce short films and documentaries.

Workstations give students ample chances to practice what they learn in classrooms. Professional editing and animation are done on all the systems using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve.

The studio has the following facilities:

- P2HD Cameras

- Panasonic 4K Camera

- TV Studio Floor

- Online TV Production control room with Online Switcher, digital recorders, P2HD recorder, & talkback system for a professional TV production

- Professional lights like Spot lights, babies, Multi-20, Multi-10, Soft lights

- Still Photography Studios with strobe lights

- Variety of microphones ranging from professional Condenser microphones to Dynamic ones.

- Teleprompter

- Green Mat studios

- Light grids

- Mac Edit suites using Final Cut Pro 7.0