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Moot Court

Former Chief Justice @ RGU Moot Court


Moot Court is an artificial court which is especially made for the law students to have real life experience of drafting, pleading and conveyancing.


With our very own Moot Court, the students are given a hypothetical problem for which they have to prepare their arguments and present it before an expert. The expert may ask questions to test the conceptual understanding of laws applicable to the problem. The trial imitates the proceedings of a real court so that students can have real life practical experience.

Benefits of mooting

Mooting allows students to develop skills and confidence in

  • Presenting a legal argument in a court setting
  • Advocacy and public speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Organisation
  • Assimilating facts into succinct points and arguments
  • Putting legal issues into context
  • Legal writing and legal research
  • Critical analysis

Skills gained through mooting can help to improve overall understanding and knowledge of certain areas of law - useful for students' academic study. Mooting is a key legal skill, but one that's transferable to many other professions outside of the traditional legal career path.