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Physiotherapy Lab & Clinic

The Physiotherapy lab is equipped with the latest instruments which are used to rehabilitate a patient. The students through lab practicals would learn how to treat patients with physical disabilities and injuries in a range of settings including hospitals, health centres, private practices and sports clubs under the proper guidance of a specialist. The lab is in block D on the ground floor.


Lab Facilities Includes:

  • Parallel bars with postural mirror,
  • Shoulder wheel,
  • Pulley,
  • Suspension apparatus,
  • Delorme’s table,
  • Treadmill,
  • Twister,
  • Multi-exercise bed,
  • Swiss ball,
  • Medicine ball,
  • Hand rehab unit,
  • Walking aids,
  • Wrist and hand exerciser,
  • Ankle exerciser etc.

Lab Activities Includes:

  • Demonstration of different exercise techniques
  • Strength training exercises
  • Balance and posture-related activities
  • Practical movement therapy
  • Mock trials