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University Museum

Royal Global University's in-house Museum, inaugurated on 1 st Nov. 2023 houses a plethora of artifacts displaying the cultural heritage of Northeast India. The Museum was inaugurated by Sri Jayanta Malla Baruah, Honourable Minister of Skill, Employment and Entrepreneurship etc., Government of Assam. The valuable artefacts displayed in the Museum include a few rare pieces of coins belonging to the Salastambha dynasty of ancient Assam, twenty-eight silver, bronze and copper coins of early medieval Assam and the Ahom period, a number of coins and paper currency from the colonial British period, a few pieces of original silver Ahom jewellery, three manuscripts painted on sanchipat with hengul-haital and several other valuable artefacts displaying the traditional culture of the region. In due course of time, the museum will emerge as one of the important museums of the region showcasing the life and traditions of the communities residing in the Northeast of India. It is also intended to make this museum a documentation centre of fast disappearing traditional crafts of the region.