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Vermicompost Production Plant

Executive Summary

1. Name of the project – “Establishment of vermicompost production from RGU hostel green wastes in Royal Global University”

2. Propose of Project – In Royal global university, from the RGU hostel, there is a huge accumulation of solid wastes in which the organic/ green waste is about 80%, which causes loss of resources and increased environmental risks. By open dumping and landfilling of these green wastes causes environmental degradation and harmful diseases. Composting is the most appropriate economical solution to overcome the problem due to these municipal wastes and reduce the volume of waste generated as well as provide nutrients for plants.

  • 1. The organic/green waste will be segregated from the solid waste generated at the RGU hostel and will be converted to Vermicompost.
  • 2. Students will be given necessary training on such Organic composts and Organic farming to set up their own organic waste composting units. If required practical demonstration on Organic farming will be arranged.

3. Proposed area: RGU campus

4. Project Type: Production of Vermicompost

5. Name of PI & Address:

Principal Investigator: - Dr. Rupesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Royal Global University
Principal Investigator: - Mr.Anurudha Chakraborty,Teaching Assistant, Department of Zoology, Royal Global University

6. Objectives
6.1 General Objectives

The project aims to establish a medium-scale Vermicomposting Project which will serve as an avenue to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of students particularly the beneficiaries.

  • 1. To assess the effect of vermicompost on the physical and chemical properties of the soil
  • 2. To the production of quality vermi-organic fertilizer for the use of the RGU.
  • 3. Technology transfers to the student as a source of other income for the family.
  • 4. Recycle the vast biodegradable materials in the RGU hostel into vermi-fertilizer as Income Generating Project (IGP).


7. Role of our institute:
University will conduct Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) about its methodology to produce vermin compost from organic source through farmer organic wastes required pre-processing such as composting all such process will be guided by an expert. We also emphasize growing the production of vermin compost. From the start to end process of vermicompost Production University will be with the villagers and help them out find the marketplace for the same.

8. Date of approved project proposal for setting up vermiculture plant in RGU campus: 23rd August 2021

9. Date of Starting production: 10th October 2021

Table 3: Expenditure and Return in Low-cost Vermicomposting Enterprise

Financial Analysis

Items Quantity price Expenditure Incurred (in Rs.) in a season (2021-222) Total return from one season (2021-22)
Earthworm2000 pieces in each bed @ Rs.1/piece.
2000 pieces X 2 bed
4000.00Rs. 40@per kg vermicompost X 93 kg sell
Total expenditure and return in a season 4000.00 3720.00


Name of Student’s Incharge in vermicompost

1. HemangaBhatachrgee- B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
2. Shreyashi Banerjee- B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
3. Sarocktim Borah- B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
4. Nabarun Sarkar- B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
5. TenzingJanpo-, B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
6. Samina Nasrin-, B.Sc. 5th semester (Zoology)
7. Arjit Kumar- 1st Semester (Biotechnology)
8. Dhanmoi Barman- 1st Semester (Biotechnology)
9. Raktim Ranjan Gogoi - 1st Semester (Biotechnology)