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Royal School of Architecture Library:

The Royal School of Architecture Library stands as a bastion of creativity, innovation, and tradition in the realm of architectural education and practice. Nestled within the hallowed halls of the institution, this library serves as a vital resource hub for aspiring architects, seasoned professionals, and scholars alike.

Stepping into the library, one is immediately struck by the palpable aura of architectural inspiration that permeates the space. Architectural sketches adorn the walls, showcasing the diverse talents and visions of students past and present. Models of iconic structures rest upon pedestals, inviting visitors to explore the intersection of form and function.

The library's collection is as diverse as the field of architecture itself. From seminal texts by renowned architects to cutting-edge publications on sustainable design and urban planning, its shelves house a wealth of knowledge spanning centuries of architectural history and theory. Students pore over these volumes, drawing inspiration from the masters of the past while grappling with the challenges of the present.

The Royal School of Architecture Library has a collection of 265+ Books and 2 Nos Journal. The Library also has various types e-journal like “Frontiers of Architectural Research” , “Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts” and “Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism”.

Royal School of Law Library:

A law library is more than just a repository of legal texts; it's a sanctuary for legal scholars, practitioners, and students alike. Nestled within its shelves are the foundations of jurisprudence, the precedents that shape our legal systems, and the wisdom distilled from centuries of legal practice.

The ambiance of a law library is distinct—a hushed reverence often fills the air, punctuated only by the rustle of pages turning and the occasional murmur of discussion. Here, the pursuit of justice takes tangible form in volumes upon volumes of statutes, case law, treatises, and scholarly commentary.

In addition to its physical resources, a law library often serves as a gateway to digital repositories, granting access to a vast array of online databases, journals, and legal research tools. This marriage of traditional and modern resources ensures that patrons have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

The Royal School of Law Library has a collection of 184+ Books and 3 Nos Journal. The library also has subscription of Manupatara Database. It can be access via