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Doctoral Program


The field of botany is very diverse, with branches in microbiology, horticulture, economic botany, plant anatomists, physiologists and molecular biologists. Botany is the study of plants and their properties. It is an important part of biology, which provides information about plant growth in various climates. The doctoral degree in botany is the highest level of education in plant science. It is designed for scholars who want to learn more about plant behavior, evolutionary trends, and species. The program requires rigorous training in the fields of quantitative and qualitative data analysis, critical thinking, and data-handling techniques. A Ph.D. in this field can lead to a lucrative career in the public and private sectors. These graduates are in demand in local, state, and national organizations, and can be employed in a number of fields such as molecular biology, plant physiology, microbiology, forensic science, forests, etc

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