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The last couple of decades of technological progress has seen a massive disruption in our way of life. The fusion of digital, physical, and biological is blurring the boundaries between what was earlier separate domains. The exponential pace of growth of technological adoption requires that the entire edifice of traditional systems of production, management, and governance must be revamped to meet the demands of the new reality. This requires a breed of research scholars who bring fresh ideas and create efficient systems to manage the new situation. The PhD program in Management shall be unique for the interdisciplinary and contemporary focus it brings to research in management disciplines. The program seeks to train productive research scholars who can make an impact in an increasingly competitive and challenging business world. The interdisciplinary approach is strengthened by it being situated in a pioneering liberal education university enabling collaboration cutting across disciplines outside of the conventional streams of management to provide different perspectives and a wider breadth of research opportunities. Research in management is supported by an accomplished set of faculties with wide-ranging industry and academic experience with an ecosystem Opportunities exist for research scholars to learn and employ cutting edge tools and techniques, including data science/analytics, in their research work.

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